Our Off – line Services

Off - line Arrangement

After a short production meeting, in which the composer or production owner simply gives us a recorded composition (for example by mobile phone) we arrange the compositions in our studio as in our on – line services and present them to the owner’s appreciation. After making the changes he deems to be necessary we proceed to the recording stage.

Instrument recordings

If you need to record live instruments in the studio we will contact the qualified musicians for the recording sessions in your production.

Mix and Mfit Mastering

We talked about this in the on – line services section. Let’s talk again: We are mixing in our studio to make it ready for publication. If our company is going to publish the project we publish over 120 digital platforms such as itunes, spotify, deezer, muud, fizy, youtube,. If another company wants to do the publishing business, we give the entire master with a flash disk to the production owner.

If we would like to repeat the Mastering issue briefly: Our company is the owner of an Apple standard Mfit (Mastered for Itunes). The albums mastered with Mfit feature have more chances in the Apple itunes portal.

Studio recording

We perform studio recordings in our own studio or in the studios where we work together under our control according to the requirements of the current production.

Vocal coaching

Today, one of the most important things in music production is that the singer sings the songs in a correct and good interpretation in his vocal records. The fact that even the most experienced singers insist on recording in assistance of a vocal coach proves the importance of this work. We provide vocal coaching service.

Promo CD production)

As everyone knows, nowadays, the sales of CDs have been almost negligible. However, album owners often want for a press release, an album launching concert, or for some other reason, a limited number of unrestricted (legally impossible to sell) Promo CD print. We also offer cover and booklet design, CD printing and packaging.