SCP – “Sabih Cangil Production and Digital Distribution” was established in 2017 as a boutique music production and distribution company. He has given his many years of music and released many albums, and he provides demo production, editing, recording, digital editing, mixing, Mfit Mastering, video shooting and post production services by Sabih Cangil and Tanju Eren. Sabih Cangil Studio has been operating continuously since its foundation year 1996 and has hosted hundreds of music productions from the beginning until today. Along with these services, it also performs digital distribution (spotify, itunes, deezer, tidal, fizy, muud, youtube etc.), social media support, and digital marketing services to the albums whose production stages are finished.

Sabih Cangil

Sabih was born on 08.05.1960 as the second child of an Istanbul family. He graduated from Çapa Primary School in 1971, attended Sankt Georg Austrian High School between 1971-1971 and Yıldız University – Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering from 1979 to 1984.

During his primary school years, he studied solfege and piano at Istanbul Municipality Conservatory. He was a part of as a tenor the Austrian High School school choir as a tenor for five years. His compositions took first place in national and international competitions. He received guitar education during his secondary school years because of his love and interest in music. He gave his first concert with his first band Peacock Blue in 1977. In 1979. He joined the group “RA” in 1979. According to a “Hey Magazine” reader survey, he was among the top ten in 1981 with Ra.

In 1983, while he was still in the university, he became a professional tourist guide in German and English language by taking the guidance courses of  Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Since 1979, he has been professionally continuing his tourism activities.

Currently, his main tourism and music activities are continued as a guide, composer, performer and producer.

He has issued six albums in the world music market: In 2006,  ” İçimizdeki Pervaneler”, in 2014, ” Farkındyım ”, in 2016, ” Muaf Olalım”, in 2016 ‘B-SIDE’ , in 2017  ” Live Tracks ” and  “Bu Sefer Böyle Oldu” released in 2018. He is currently continuing his concerts with “Sabih Cangil Band”.

With the SCP (Sabih Cangil Production and Digital Distribution) company he founded in 2017, he is the producer, arranger, recording engineer and digital distributor.

Member associations and organizations of IRO (Istanbul Chamber of tourist guides), TUREB (Tourist Guides Association), MESAM (Turkey Musical Work Owners’ Association), the Sankt Georg Austrian High School Alumni Association.

Tanju Eren

Tanju was born in 1965, Ravensburg – Germany.


He studied at İstanbul Erkek Lisesi, Yıldız University Mechanical Engineering, Boğaziçi Philosophy and İstanbul University English Language and Literature Departments.


After his classical music education, he started to play Electric Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Theremin and EWI.


His research interests include Quantum Physics, Literature, Cinema, Photography, Philosophy, Art History, Hi-Fi, Stage and studio equipment, and 1960-1980 Rock music.


He worked as the executive editor of Science Magazine of Ultra Magazin, non-linear video editor at Vizyon Postproduction, First Digital and Group Production.


He became the partner of Kedi Müzik’s Production Company and Studio’s 15 years. During this time, music such as  Neredesin Firuze , Hepsi, Hacivat Karagöz ,  Şelale (Waterfall) film and musicians such as Müslüm Gürses, Aylin Aslım, Hepsi were produced.


Mirage, Neşe’nin Kepek Sorunu, Tibetan and the Broken Hearts, Mavi Sakal, Foma, Sabih Cangil Band, Bluesaint, Gitarizma, Gokalp Baykal Band, ANG, Harakiri Ensemble continues to play in some of these bands.


In 2007, he released his first album  “40” . In this album, the most important interpreters of Turkey such as  Teoman, Erdem Yener, Koray Candemir, Asli, Aylin Aslim, Nev, Kenan Vural, Tibet Ağırtan were the vocalists.


He was the producer of Mavi Sakal album “Yeniden”.


With the FOMA Band, he released the albums “Albüm” and”Ağzımda Tabanca” with Apocalyptica as  guest – musicians.


He made an album with his own compositions under the name of Tanju Eren Orchestra.


He made the mixing and a mastering of  Sabih Cangil’s album “Bu Sefer Böyle Oldu”.


He shot and post – produced the video clips of Güldehan Aysan’ s  “Farkındayım“ and Sabih Cangil’s “Olmuyor ki” .


Since 2012 he has been producing videos, photographs and documentaries to a wide range of companies including designers, architects, artists and communities.


He offers mix and mastering to renowned musicians.


He is one of the two senior – partners of the label company SCP – Sabih Cangil Productions and Digital Distribution. He is the person at SCP responsible for producing, mixing and mastering.