Güven İlter – Dönüp Durdum

 Güven İlter – Dönüp Durdum


Güven İlter was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1965. After ten years of classical piano training, he started playing rock and blues in different bands throughout college. After a recess of a decade, he played with Bluesaint (a blues and r&b band based in Istanbul), several progressive rock bands that he formed, Tibet Ağırtan (a rock’n roll and blues artist, still continuing) and Sabih Cangil Band (still continuing), as well as contributing to songs and albums of local musicians. Currently, he is working on his own music, and playing in Flues, a progressive rock organ trio. He is well-versed in sound synthesis, arrangements and recording, as well as being a live keyboardist, playing organs, synthesizers and piano.

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